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Sneak peek at my kitchen + a little interview

THIS IS MY KITCHEN! It's almost finished! Well it is finished aside from a little painting and kickboard installation. We finally - after a whole year - had a tiler come and do the splashback. I don't know why I waited so long! I had debated for a long time about doing it myself like last time but there were a few too many tricky cuts around the rangehood and the windowsill and it was all just a bit in the too-hard basket... So last week they came and made it all pretty and now it just feels so complete. And this is Annika and I in it, celebrating this fact. Well not really, but we do look happy, don't we? She wasn't at all happy for me to take this picture though, hence her being in it - she was very grizzly and in no mood to be put down. So rather than listen to all the screaming while I attempted to play model AND photographer, she joined in. It turned out rather blurry but I'm cool with that. 

I'll show you more of this space later, but the reason for the picture was for a little interview I thought I'd share with you. My good friend Natalie has a relatively newish blog called The Indigo Crew where she writes about life with her three kids - crafts, adventures, books, brands and more. She has so many great ideas and a beautiful aesthetic - you should go and check it out and be inspired. Nat has recently started a couple of new series on her blog, chatting to fellow mothers and creatives she's discovered on Instagram and beyond. She kicked the series off with Courtney Adamo from Babyccino Kids and I was happy to follow (though what an act to follow!) - answering 10 questions covering my childhood, my present and the future. I talk about my teenage self's career plans to something I've learnt to something I thought I'd never do (oh that would be yelling at my kids! Eek!). You can have a little read here and be sure to check back Tuesdays to see who else she has in store - I know she has a few good ones up her sleeve! She's also started to chat to the creatives behind great brands, such as Dee Purdy behind gorgeous clothing label Une Belle Epoque - their gorgeous linen Can Can tops get a workout at our place by Imogen and Annika! I was surprised and impressed to discover the label is her side project and she has a busy career in finance - learning things like that make me want to light a fire under my butt and get myself inspired to make my dreams come true (though pinning the actual dream down is kind of difficult at the moment!). Read more about Dee and her lovely label here

And just for fun, here are a couple more (blurry!) shots from that day... The sun was streaming through the back doors, which was lovely, but it wreaked havoc on the image of the stool legs (they're actually back!) Have a great weekend!

secrets to creating a happy home

A few months ago I was excited to receive an email from a writer, Catherine McCormack, who was putting together a feature forHome Beautiful magazine called “secrets to a happy home”. She figured being the author of a blog called The Happy Home, I might have some tips. She figured correctly. I did have tips. Lots of them. And being the awesome babbler that I am I wrote only one thousand words of brilliant happy-home-creating wisdom. Whether or not they’re helpful at all is entirely different, but I wrote them, sent them off with a smile on my face and jumped up and down in Coles with joy when I read my name in its pages the day it came out. Of course, the issue came out on the very same day my entire blogged crashed and so any new readers who popped on to check it out would have seen nothing, but I was happy regardless.
Anyway, I knew when I sent it off that only a tiny bit would be included because that’s what happens in magazines – you use a fraction of the information you receive and then that is slashed even more to fit the layout – but I didn’t care if I had one sentence. My name was in print without it being a byline (an odd, but nice change). And I was there as an “expert”. Love that. So, because I’m knowledgeable about such things, I thought I’d post my entire answers so you can all live in happy homes. Ha! You might recognise a few of the suggestions… But you must pick up the issue to read other happy-home tips, drool over pretty homes and enjoy the last summery issue for a while (next issues in Magland will be March so they’ll be getting into autumn mood). And a huge thanks to Catherine for thinking of me and including myquotes (one of which is below) – yay!


What makes your home a happy one?
Happy occupants! And for us to be happy, we need to be surrounded by items and spaces that feel comfortable, are meaningful, welcoming and that reflect our personalities and lifestyle. Our home is not precious or perfect – we’ve been renovating for six years and still aren’t finished – but I’d like to think it’s a home that feels like us. There are signs of life with a (select few!) toys hanging around and shoes on the deck, casual and comfortable furniture, objects that reflect our passions and interests, and personal touches or creative ideas in every room. All rooms are treated as living spaces – not show rooms – and we do just that: live in them – so very happily!

 Favourite decorating ideas for bringing warmth and character into a living space:
* There is something about handmade that always draws the eye and instantly gives off good vibes. Whether it’s a recovered old chair, framed family silhouettes on the wall, a stencilled floor, wallpapered tabletop or heirloom quilt, these are the things that not only make a space unique, but their specialness is felt. A few vintage touches have the same effect – there’s usually a story behind it and its imperfections give it that lived-in look which is the key to warmth and character. I’ve tried to do something creative or unique in each room – particularly if the furniture is pretty standard as it stops the space looking like everyone else‘s. And it’s so satisfying to look around a room and know you literally put your own personal stamp on it.
* I’ve learnt recently to pretty up the mundane – I like the basics to be pretty basic (ie, simply shaped, white or neutral) but I’ve discovered it doesn’t have to be plain. So now I look for textured or fringed towels, white waffle doona covers and matte-glazed earthenware. I also choose pretty tea towels, beautifully scented eco soaps and decorative vases for cooking utensils. It’s nice to see beauty in unexpected places!
* My rule is, if you absolutely love it, you can make it work! I have a lot of classic-style furniture and I mix it up with a few ethnic-inspired pieces, hand-me-down antiques and DIY revamped items, but because it’s all in a similar palette and kept as neutral as possible, it all fits together. So a piece of coral sits side-by-side Buddha, Moroccan leather poufs are paired with a cow hide, dainty tea cups sit on chunky wooden tables and I have a girlie Tord Boontje garland light above an industrial-style aluminium chair, but it’s all very laid-back and so works.

 Kid-friendly decorating ideas that adults will love too:
I think the trick to kids and adults living in style and harmony is blendability! Let their presence be evident in every room, but don‘t let it overpower everything else. In my house, we have kids “stations” pretty much throughout: the kitchen has a magnetic wall with a double-sided activity board with chalkboard on one side/felt board on the other; in my bedroom they have a cube of my office shelving and their table and chairs; and in the living room, the bottom shelf of the bookcase is dedicated to their books. They have a select few toys in their rooms and I rotate them with others kept in the shed not just for mess, but so they have “new” toys regularly. The aesthetically pleasing and creatively stimulating (my favourite combination) toys reside in the living room: beautiful birch wooden blocks, a wooden train and a wheely bug. We can be creative and fun all the time without the house turning into a preschool.
A few other ideas:
* Low poufs, floor cushions or mini adult furniture (try Fantastic Furniture for mini couches; or Little Nest for kid-sized designer chairs) in the living room let little ones sit and draw at the coffee table, plus they’ll feel more at home on furniture their size.
* Adult fabrics in colours or styles that reflect the child’s likes look great in kids rooms, as does animal print.
* Chalkboard walls don’t seem to be losing popularity, but to make yours stand out, paint a large mural or streetscape on the wall or paint on furniture instead.
* Narrow walls in living rooms or in a hallway look great turned into vertical book racks – mix it up with kids and adults hard covers for a stylish library. (We’re about to do this in a small hallway.)
* Framing kids art is not new, but think of other ways to display their talents: have them paint an actual canvas, a bird house, vase or platter.
* Cow hides are perfect for young families – they look great, take a beating but clean up beautifully every time. Plus, they don’t feel as scratchy as you’d expect. (PS: check out Lou’s post here for a good online source)
* There are lots of decorative items that run the entire length of the age spectrum: world maps and globes (try Mapshop), assortment of letters and numbers on the wall; vintage posters (try Galerie Montmartre) and book pages; landmarks like large wire Eiffel Towers (especially if they can drive little cars under them!) or Muji’s City in a Bag.
* Vintage suitcases and recycled tyre tubs (try Heaven In Earth) make brilliant stylish toy storage.
* If you have the space, an indoor swing for old and young alike is too much fun. Just ask Gwyneth!

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  1. oh yes I saw this article, didn’t see your quote tho, but did think of you!!!
  2. MrsLimestone says:
    Oh how fabulous. Great tips.
  3. [...] secrets to creating a happy home « the happy home [...]
  4. Wow, what a beautiful post…completely agree with the handmade part…that is what makes a house , “a home”
  5. RickinSC says:
    I liked your article.
    My grandkids often made a mess in their rooms until I made this toy cabinet that gets them to put a toy back before they can get the next one.
    The kids have learned to keep their rooms neat really quickly. One more idea of what we can do once we start to look at things from the kids point of view.
  6. Congratulations on your publication!
    I’m going to have a completely blank canvas to start decorating and the thought is a little daunting so I keep checking out new ideas on the internet. I agree that it’s a lot of little touches and personal items that make a room warm and comfortable.
    The idea to reflect our passions and interests has inspired me. We are avid outdoor enthusiasts and that is a good place to start to put a room idea together.
  7. engracia says:
    Congratulations and what fabulous tips, all of them
  8. jen says:
    Woo hoo!! About to go back and read the article. Terrible habit of looking at all the pretty pictures and not reading. Loved reading this post though :)
  9. Oh congrats! This is so wonderful!!!! Such great tips too! My grandma gave me the same tip about putting toys up and rotating them so they seem “new” I so need to start that!
    Have a great weekend!
    xx Trina
  10. Viv says:
    Congratulations!! Gosh you’ve given me so much to think about. Might have to steal a few of these ideas ;)
    I love all of your tips and I too agree that a Gwyneth swing is fun. Everyone who has the room should have one. Can we officially call it a Gwyneth swing? I like the sound of it.
    Hope you are managing to keep cool this weekend x
  11. Amanda says:
    Thanks for sharing your great tips Belinda and congratulations of being ‘quoted’ in Home Beautfiul. Have a lovely weekend x
  12. Katrina says:
    Hi Belinda, love you article, have the mag! Your tips are always great. I always race to your blog to see what inspiration you give that I can rip off haha :)
  13. Jo McBride says:
    …another good read. Also I can highly recommend cowhide rugs. We have one in our main living area and a couple of hide cushions on the couch, two messy kids, two dogs, two cats and messy manfriend. They are supersoft, warm in winter, cool in summer and clean up with a good brush…who would have ever thought? Oh and they look great too….if I dont mind saying so myself.
  14. Great reading, just finished it in the actual mag last night and now found it here !!
    totally agree that Galerie Montmarte is the place to go for vintage posters, Shelley’s web page is amazing – would love to get there for a proper look one day.
    Congratulations on the article, really great :)
  15. paula says:
    this is so exciting! congratulations.
  16. shelley t says:
    i saw it and loved it….and of course they were going to ask you – you are an expert, hon! thanks for including the whole article. it’s a great read.
  17. Janette says:
    Congratulations Belinda! Fantastic tips, very inspiring. It must have been nice to be on the other side of an article, being the interviewee. I’m sure it’s the first of many articles we will read about the expert of the happy home! Janette x
  18. Jessica Zee says:
    What a delightful topic! Thank you for sharing the thoughts you put together for the author. I think you’re 100% right about floor pillows–I always figured they’d just be pet-collectors and that they’d take up too much room on the floor, but I’ve finally given in and they make the living room sooooo much cozier, and an impromptu indoor picnic or two has definitely lifted my spirits during this post-holiday time.
  19. Debbie says:
    HI Belinds have been ‘lurking” for a while and love your blog! I must say I read Home Beautiful every month and when I saw the article I thought “that’s my blog Belinda”. Congratulations on being quoted in HB.
  20. simply grove says:
    Great article Belinda!!!
  21. Sheila says:
    couldn’t agree more – especially on making the basics things you enjoy looking at and using – makes the groundhog day aspects of family life that bit easier
  22. I am SOOOO excited for you!!! I’m just catching up after traveling for a few days and what a happy surprise! It is so well deserved and I think you said it all so well. Doing a HAPPY dance with ya!