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giveaway: win fast & fruity cooking packs

It can be the coldest day of the year and my kids will want ice blocks. They're slightly obsessed. So were they the ideal candidates to taste test homemade ice blocks with the new Fast & Fruity sealable pouches? Why of course they were. Their verdicts? Zak: "Delicious"; Layla: "Yum!"; Immy: "I like it!" And all of them: "Can we have more?" Considering it was the first nice day that didn't have a drop of rain since we moved in our new house (more of the new house when I get some internet - thanks local pub for your free wi-fi - yes I drove around the neighbourhood looking for a freebie after McDonald's failed to deliver), I didn't have a problem with them having seconds. And of course we had to make some more for tomorrow - it's going to be a daily thing these holidays I know it! Which makes it a perfect time to give away some packs so you can do the same - get cooking or ice-block making with your kiddos during the holidays. It's a win-win-win: you win a prize, plus the prize keeps the kids amused and allows you to do something fun together, plus you end up with scrumptious, healthy treats at the end.

So what is it? Fast & Fruity are all-natural, resealable fruit pouches - they're pourable, 100% pure chunky fruit and have no added sugar or preservatives. Available in three yummy flavours (Be-Licious Berry and Apple; Golden Peaches with a Hint of Vanilla; and Sunshine Sweet Tropical Fruits), they make great quick additions to all areas of cooking: add to cereal or yoghurt, pour over ice cream, use in baking, combine with jelly or freeze for a fab fruity ice treat. 

I have three packs to give away valued at $39.05 each. Each pack contains: 
6 Fast & Fruity pouches (2 x 500g pouches of each flavour) 
1 icy pole maker
1 sundae glass
Jelly crystals
Recipe cards for Tropical Jelly Fruit Stacks, Hummingbird Cake (am trying this one this week) and Yummy Frozen Fruit Blocks.

Use the recipe cards or make up your own treats - we simply mixed the peaches fruit with lime jelly (above) and let it set and made striped ice blocks with coconut milk in-between the flavours (very top). 

Coco fruity ice blocks (top image)
We mixed some of the berry fruit with coconut milk then poured into some of the moulds. In the other moulds we poured the tropical fruit straight in and let freeze for a couple of hours. Then we poured a little coconut milk into all moulds and froze for another hour. Ending up with the tropical on top of the berry base and berry on the tropical. They look and taste great!

To enter (Australian residents only please), simply leave me a comment on this post and I'll choose three winners. Entries close 12pm AEST on Friday, July 5 2013. And if you've already tried Fresh & Fruity or once you do, check out the brand new Fresh & Fruity Facebook page to leave your comments, recipes or read other tips and tricks for putting the pouches to good use.