Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas crafting you could do this weekend (well, if you wanted to!)

Remember when my blog was hacked and I lost everything? Yeah, that was a fun. I have STILL not got close to reinstating everything... So I've just reposted a bunch of Christmassy posts with ideas and projects for advent calendars, wrapping, decor and ornaments, seeing as Monday brings with it the official countdown to Christmas. I'm working on my advent calendar this weekend. I have all the gifts ready to wrap and I think I've finally worked out what I'm doing! I had the idea to papercut a village and use each window and door as the advent window with a little clue on the inside. But when I cut it out it looked so cute I decided to place it in our living room window instead with fairy lights behind it so at night it lit up sweetly - the kids can draw some snow and make some paper snowflakes as well to stick above. Should be cute. Anyway, here is a sneak peek of the village...

Going back through my posts kind of made me sad my blog has practically disappeared from my life. I always have plans for it but then the inspiration runs out, or the couldn't-be-botheredness sets in, or a child starts at me as soon as the laptop makes an appearance... But my little trip down memory lane and a good five years worth of Christmassy crafts also made me kind of proud of some of my projects. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few faves - maybe you're keen to get crafty in the next few weeks?

Treasure-hunt paper-chain advent calendar 

Book page wreath - made from Stephen King's Salem's Lot (I wasn't a fan!) 

Snow globe glass bauble

One clear glass bauble, five different ways

Gold leaf gift tags

 Glittery lantern centrepiece made from... toilet rolls!!! I created this craft for Kidspot

My first homemade advent calendar (from 2009!) - little matchboxes filled with tiny ornaments for the tree and decorated with various red and white and black things!


Design and print your own gift wrap with your computer!  This is another one I created for Kidspot.

See something you fancy trying? Good luck and happy crafting! And happy last-weekend-in-November. Are we really about to enter the last month of the year? The zooming years are freaking me out! x


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  2. Great art and lovely pictures! thanks for posting... :-)

  3. Christmas craft over load! Thank you for getting these posted. I will have to try and make some of these. I especially like your ornament ideas.

  4. I love the paper village. I know it's just a paper but it really looks charming - I hope you don't mind if copy your idea and make one on my own in home. I hope you'll go back with the blog because there is a lot of inspiring posts here.