Friday, April 4, 2014

introducing... Annika Mae Graham

Well, she was 11 days late and she may have exhausted me for the past nine+ months, but you know what? This gorgeous little girl was totally worth all the pain, all the exhaustion, all the worrying and freak-outs. She came swiftly into the world on March 25 smack on 12pm after a very quick hour and a half labour (I was induced - the drip went in at 10am, contractions started properly at 10.30, she was pushed out just in time for lunch - quite convenient, really. I did say I had hoped to have her by lunchtime!) and she has been smooched and cuddled and oohed and ahhed over ever since. We're all smitten with her and she has just fit in perfectly with our family. Here is a quick pictorial introduction and I will share her birth story a little later on. Quick deets...

Name: Annika Mae Graham
Date of birth: March 25, 2014 at 12pm
Weight: 4.12kg (9pd 1oz)
Length: 50cm

And some more baby spam from Instagram!

Me and all my babies...
A comparison of all the bubs at the same age

Miss Cranky Pants after her bath

She is SO cute, if I do say so myself. And any worries Zak had about only having sisters seems to have been quashed the moment he saw her. He and Layla fight over who is going to hold her first! And Annika seems totally happy to let them fawn over her - she seems to calm down when they're near. I guess she's used to all the noise and craziness after listening to it for so long in utero!

Oh one more - here is a little GIF of Immy giving her a smooch.


  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby girl.

  2. They are all so beautiful! Congratulation!

  3. Love those little fists! What a fantastic bunch of kids... Congratulations, Belinda!

  4. Congratulations, she is lovely! I love her name too, I had 'Anneke' at the top of my list for all my babies! Maybe if I ever have a fourth one... ;)

  5. Congratulations!!!! Beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Enjoy ur baby and wishing u all the best as you become a fam of 6!

  6. Lovely. My daughter's name is Mae and this is the first time I've seen anyone else use it with the same spelling. Congratulations!

  7. you are right, she is gorgeous :)

  8. Congratulations on a project well executed. Lovely names; the photos remind me how quickly our 3rd and last princess has gone from 3kg newborn to crawling commando in 10 months. Must say 2 wks overdue sounds better than 3 wks early and no bassinet or baby seat in sight. Best wishes to u all.

  9. Just happened upon this precious page via a link, looking for an IKEA desk makeover. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw the post of one on the most sweet and precious babies I have seen since my own. The yawn picture is priceless and I think she looks very very much like Zak did as a baby. Mine are 23 and 25... How they got to be this old, I will never know nor did I give them permission and I so miss having little ones around.. Enjoy them, as I know you will, for they are each their own beautiful and precious gift.

  10. Oh she's just adorable! Congratulations! xx