Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gender reveal!

So there we have it! Pink confetti - must mean another girl! For once, I was right. I did think at first it was going to be a boy, but then I remembered how often people have three-of-the-same-sex in a row, so I switched to thinking it would be a girl. As soon as I saw her face on the 3D ultrasound, I knew she was a she. She just looked like a girl - so did Layla, though I still was sure she was a boy. Turns out she's quite the tomboy at times and total diva princess at others. I'm hoping this one will just be... calm. And quiet. And hopefully a good sleeper. If that's asking for TOO much, then let's just stick with healthy!

Poor Zak was pretty devastated. He ran up to me at school pick-up time and the first thing out of his mouth was "what is it?" When I said "another girl" his little bottom lip dropped and he just shoved his head into my tummy. There were even a few tears. But he seems ok now. Poor little guy - I honestly didn't mind which sex the baby was, but I did kind of hope that Zak got a brother. But at the same time, I think if he'd had the brothery relationship I'm imagined in my mind, then Layla or Immy should have been the boy - there will be 7 years between these our first and (most likely) last child and I don't think their little neighbourhood adventures would have happened as I'd imagined them (I do a lot of imagining....)

So now that we know... I don't know if I like it more or less than finding out in the delivery room. All our other children were surprises. I guess the emotions of what ifs and oh wows are all over and done with and we can just get on with snuggling her and naming her when she comes. Oh god names. I always struggled with boy names but this time I had a boy name picked out and no definite girl name. Grr. Back to the drawing board...

See that bluey-grey wall behind me? That'd be my bedroom wall finally panelled and half-painted. Still got another coat to do before I show you properly. It's been a long time coming this room, but I'm very happy with how it's come together.


  1. Congratulations Belinda!
    Such a wonderful and exciting time :)
    I too found out with my third and felt the same especially as I had two boys and had a girl I think I would have loved the surprise ! Good luck with the name, the room looks great so far ! Larissa:) xx

  2. Congratulations Belinda! I would love another girl! Maybe one day ;)

  3. I came here through a link for your DIY cork board, and well... got caught on the baby news. Congratulations. Babies are wonderful.

  4. Oh, wow! Congratulations! Love the little movie disclosure...too clever! It's a funny thing, this early info isn't it? I loved the surprise on arrival with my daughters but the technology was there for no. 3 and as I was re buying bub goods after a 10 yr gap was grateful to know I could purchase blue. X kl

  5. Yay! Pink. Poor Zak! I have three boys and have done finding out and surprises, we might go gain "one more time" and I cant decide to reveal or not to reveal. Congratulations again x