Thursday, October 10, 2013

easy DIY: painted planter

It's been a while since I've really done anything crafty or decor-ish. I've been painting everything and sanding and staining the floor and doing various home improvements (all only half-finished!), but never have any time or energy left over for smaller details. But when my Fiddle Leaf Fig tree called out for a decent pot (yes! it speaks!), I listened. I thought about DIYing a concrete one, but might leave that to the front porch when I work out what plants I want out there. Instead, I looked around for some simple shaped pots and found the perfect white egg-like one at Bunnings. It was only $9 - an unbelievable bargain. And it was unbelievable, because when I got to the counter, they told me it was actually $35 and had been sitting in the wrong section. Bit of a difference I wasn't banking on, so I handed it back and looked again. I found this heavier, grey-painted terracotta planter for $14.

The shape and size was perfect and I knew I could paint it with some white spraypaint that I had handy at home. So I did just that. And realising it had a similar shape and base to other dipped pots I've seen around, I thought a wash of colour would finish it off nicely. So I grabbed a reject sample pot of lilac paint from Bunnings (most paint places have these when they've been mixed wrong or people changed their minds) for $3 and mixed in some grey paint I had to darken it a little. A bit of freehand painting and few hours of drying time later and I had a new planter for $17. Now while I occasionally get the guilts for doing my own version of other people's things, I just cannot justify spending over $100 on the same thing. Sorry. And in my defence, it is not an incredibly unique design - it's simple and highly likely something I'd have done if I just decided to paint a pot plant one day. There's that. And then there's this: I'm a real person on a real family budget. And I like DIY. So if I can do something as frivolous as painting a pot plant myself - and save myself some money to go towards paying my mortgage off earlier, which is our ultimate goal - then I will do so. And I just might happily share that with you too. Because most of us - and most of my readers - are of a similar nature. And sharing is caring, right?!?

The deets:
Northcote Terracotta egg pot 25cm, $13.98, Bunnings
Rust-Oleum Universal White Spraypaint in Satin
Lilac tinted sample pot, $3, Bunnings (it was a rejected sample so much cheaper)
Fiddle Leaf Fig plant (which could probably do with a drink), $23, Bunnings. Yep, I live at Bunnings
Candlesticks, from Ikea a few years back, spraypainted gold (they were black)
Fizz table lamp, $39.95, Freedom

PS: Ignore grubbiness of wall and weird pinkish colour. I haven't painted the living room yet. I haven't painted any rooms really, except for my own bedroom. And that is STILL NOT FINISHED.


  1. I have the exact same pot but with a pink base!! My poor fiddle leaf fig's leaves were all falling off. Hoping it is on the mend now in it's new home.

  2. Love this DIY! I've been looking at some very trendy and hyped pots that are over the $100 mark. Then I realised that I could do something similar myself!