Thursday, August 1, 2013

why have three crazy kids when you can have four?

Just because moving house, renovating and planning an extension wasn't enough for us, we went and got knocked up too. This was not a total accident - we always wanted a fourth child, but kind of let fate decide when it should come along. I guess it felt now is the right time. And I suppose it is - Immy will be just three when s/he is born and that will be the biggest gap between our children; and I don't want the gap to be much bigger than that. I'll try not to think about all that we'd like to achieve between now and then! I'll wait until next week to freak out.

So we're due mid-March. That makes me 8 weeks tomorrow (Friday). I'm not one to keep this kind of news quiet (my own news anyway, I CAN keep other people's secrets!) The kids are very excited - though Immy goes in-between loving the baby and hating the baby. She tells me so, too. When we told her there was a baby in mummy's tummy she looked at us blankly then pointed to some toy just beyond her reach and said "I want that orange thing". She's kind of warmed up a bit now! Layla draws the new baby in all her pictures now and Zak is quite concerned about the fact that we'll need a new car. Ugh, I don't even want to think about that just yet - if only my CX7 would grow another seat... And while the miracles are happening, I'd like a few extra arms please, a whole bunch more patience and maybe even three pairs of listening ears which I'd SUPERGLUE to those children of mine.

What's one more, right?! Ha! It's not TWO more. Which I had a feeling it would be (weird, though, I've always expected there to be two babies in all of my ultrasounds!). And the lady who did the dating ultrasound thought there were two at first too. And that would have been fine - after a little freaking out, I'm sure!

We're very excited and feel blessed. Four children! When we struggled for years to get one! We might fall pregnant easily now, but it took two and a half years of actively trying to get Zak! It's quite a horrifying thing being labelled "infertile" even when there is no explanation for you to be (which they automatically did after a full year of actively trying to conceive). But he was totally, totally worth the wait and through him, my body seemed to work out the whole having babies thing.

As for the sex, we're considering finding out this time. I kinda don't want to, but so want to at the same time. The other three were surprises and I loved that, but we haven't known what it's like to know and so maybe we will do it this time. I'm also hoping I get lucky yet again and have no morning sickness. I barely felt pregnant with the others until the huge bump got in the way, but already I'm doubting this will be the same. I'm exhausted. Totally. And I kind of feel nauseous part of the day (never the morning though!). We'll see. Fingers crossed! Just don't heat up leftover Chinese food near me. Eww.

Got more than three? How's that going for you? Or do I not want to know?!?! :) And what did you prefer - finding out the sex or waiting until delivery day? I'd love to hear

PS: Continuing our rice-related nicknames, this baby has been named "Pop". Zak was (rice) Paddy; Layla was (rice) Pud(ing) and Imogen was (rice) Bubble. This all originated from the day we found out we were pregnant, I looked up what stage of growth the baby was at and it said "your baby is the size of a single piece of rice".

PPS: I recently discovered a great blog via Instagram written by a mother of five (including identical twin boys!) Jodi Mockabee. Perfect timing, as she not only had some great tips for living with a large family, but also this post, which couldn't have come at a better time. Often I wonder how the older kids will react to another sibling - have I already spread myself too thin? Layla never really got any time to us by herself - Zak started preschool three weeks before Immy was born and so it's been the two of them at least ever since. I can't help but think she's missed out a little (especially seeing as Immy has me all to herself for several days a week). And then I read Jodi's post on a similar thing - she says giving a child a sibling is "the greatest gift." After reading her little reminders, below, I tend to agree.

"These children are learning the greatest lessons in how to be social beings.
These children were born with best friends.
These children are challenged, entertained, and loved on all in the same day.
These children have natural survival skills.
These children arrived knowing that the world does not revolve around them."

You can read the rest of the post here. I'm still going through her archives - it's a lovely read. 


  1. Aww, congratulations! Another little Bubble. x

    1. thanks Hayley! we've nicknamed this one Pop!

  2. So happy for you - we also want four, so I'm sure I'll be coming to you for advice when the time comes ;) xx

    1. if i'm still sane enough to speak! haha xxx

  3. Congratulations to you and your family Belinda!

  4. I saw this on instagram and was so excited for you. If you are looking for blogs I am currently loving Camp Patton. And actually she posted today about something similar. I think you would love her blog its refreshing!

  5. lovely news, congratulations :)

  6. Congratulations Belinda! You featured Stella's room on minimeez and i now have four too, so it's lovely to hear your news! My advice is this - full tummies = happy people...mum and dad included! Cook up a storm before bubs arrives and freeze so you'll have dinner covered for the first gruelling weeks. The other thing i did was to have afternoon tea ready to go so that when my oldest got home from school and #2 from pre-school, i could just plonk it on the table while i sat down to feed bubs.
    Also, i keep a folder in the kitchen with pages for each day of the week. Rather than just writing "Archie and Lucinda, swimming lessons, 10am" - i make a list of every single thing i will need (goggles, towels, spare clothes etc). This has been a godsend as the more "stuff" i have out of my head, the better i function.
    Doing the school/ pre-school lunches the night before saves a lot of morning angst. I'd go so far as to buy two lots of lunchboxes, drink bottles etc so you could even do it during the day when the other items were still in use at school. It's all about stealing those little moments and going to town with them!
    Good luck! I'll leave you with a recent quote from my eldest..."It's hard work having six people, but we're so lucky because we've got so many people to love."
    I can't put it any better than that. :)

    1. ahh, this is invaluable, thank you so much michelle!!! love these tips and that quote from your son is just so adorable and perfect! what a sweet, clever kid! x

  7. Super exciting news! Congrats!! First new house, then new baby?! I don't know how you do it. I also don't know how 3+ will be but I'm sure you will figure it out and all will be well. I have three siblings and loved being part of a big family when I was a child. Well, now too. Wishes for an easy and healthy pregnancy!

  8. Congrats Belinda, amazing news.
    I also love retromummy's blog - She has five kids, with twins as number 2 and 3. Very inspirational for making everything work.

  9. YES!!! How awesome. And daunting. And awesomely daunting. Congratulations, B. x

  10. Wow, fantastic news, congratulations! I have absolutely no useful tips for you (!) although I have heard that the transition from 2-3 kids is much harder than from 3-4, I hope that's true for you. I only have 2 munchkins (feels like 4 somedays), but I really like Nicole Avery's Planning With Kids blog. She has 5 kids and some really great tips. And she lives in Melbourne so the seasons are right for us - good advice for school holidays and what-not. Looking forward to following your progress with your new home and new bub!

  11. CONGRATS BELINDA! This is super exciting news and children are definitely a blessing! I think the transition from 1 to 2 was difficult but I found 2 to 3 fine.(siblings to amuse each other) I'm 38 weeks with #4 so will see how that goes but I doubt life could get any more crazier! ;)
    My eldest is 5 (at Kinder) and then a 3.5 yr old and an 18 month old. The two eldest have lots of jobs (unloading dishwasher each morning, taking recycling out, putting away their clothes etc) and are such great help but they love to help too. I love that they have a best friend for life and I think they realise how lucky they are too as some of their friends don't have siblings.
    We've had to buy a Tarago which is actually quite nice to drive although I never thought I'd drive a people mover! (the kids love how there are 8 seats and sliding doors).
    With four kids I think you just need to be even MORE organised and plan ahead as much as possible. Unfortunately (and I hope you don't experience this), I have gotten a bit of negativity surrounding this fourth pregnancy.... obviously anything more than 2-3 kids is too much or abnormal and strangers have told me I was a "glutton for punishment" or that I have "a lot of kids" ... so I've had to start growing a thick skin!
    Goodluck though, I wouldn't change anything as I love my growing family even if they do test my patience and drive me crazy at times... it's better than being bored or alone right. :)

  12. Hi Belinda,

    Congratulations! In answer to your question - Ive got four - with very similar age gaps to yours, and I can TOTALLY say that number four was waaay easier than number three(!!) purely from an age gap point of view you hvae two older kids that can (potentially) help a lot. I had three kids under 2 - my oldest was 2 and 2months when my number three was born (yes, a 12 month age gap does that - I had 2, 1 and 0) but then a three year gap for number four. And I wouldnt have it any way. They are all awesome and different and they love each other heaps.

    My biggest hint is to have dinner sorted as much as possible by lunchtime. Because cooking at 5pm just does not work very well. Dinners that cook themselves in the oven/slowcooker are great. Keep it simple, plan the meals for the week ahead and that is what helps me keep it together. You will be awseome!! xxxMrs T