Wednesday, April 20, 2011

how to: make a tissue paper flower garland


Ages ago I saw something on the Net like this garland, didn’t save it and then of course couldn’t recall where I’d seen it. Undeterred by that, I decided to attempt to re-create something similar to what I remember for Imogen’s room. It’s sooo easy and costs practically nothing.

Here it is in Immy’s room

I’ve also used them for quick cards: make a flower, tie onto a tiny stick and washi-tape onto a blank card. Can also see a whole bunch strung across a ceiling over a party table…


You need:
Tissue paper
Cotton, twine, fishing line or – as I’ve used here – kraft paper string*.
A needle

How to:

1. Layer four sheets of tissue paper on top of each other and cut into 10cm x 10cm squares. Make the squares bigger if you want larger flowers, smaller if you want them smaller. Obviously! Then cut the squares into a flower shape (it can be freehand – it doesn’t have to be perfect).


2. Pull apart the individual flowers and gently layer them on top of each other so the petals overlap

3. Fold in half – anywhere, it doesn’t matter where you start.


4. Fold in half again.


5. Pierce the corner of the fold with your needle and thread your twine/cotton/string etc through.


6. Gently tie into a knot. Repeat this a little further down your string and regular intervals.

Done! See? Easy. You could make the petals rounder for a different look.
* Regarding kraft paper string – did you know there was such a thing? For someone slightly obsessed with all things kraft paper – I bought some kraft paper cups the other day! – this is heaven. It’s lovely and came on this cute vintage spool from PaperPhine. My sister-in-law thought I was insane when I got excited at its arrival while I was in hospital. But I know YOU guys will understand… haha

{Images by Belinda Graham for The Happy Home blog}

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  1. This is such a lovely idea!!! I've been looking for a lovely garland to put above my workspace and this is perfect!! Although my daughter will probably take over it