Tuesday, June 11, 2013

happy birthday layla!

 Last year the birthday girl woke up to balloons dangling in front of her bedroom door. This year, she woke to a decorated hallway - streamers and balloons and honeycomb balls from her room to ours and a birthday banner in front of her room. She was slightly stoked.

Five today! Kids are such a time warp - time flies so fast when you look back fondly on how cute and tiny they were, when you think of all those firsts and when they seemingly visibly grow 10 centimetres while you're talking to them. And then there is life with Layla... Kidding. Though she can make some days s-t-r-e-t-c-h! She is just as she came into this world - quite the whirlwind: loud, fast, slightly theatrical and completely adorable. She is still all of those things and more. She is the perfect mix of princess and tomboy. She climbs a tree like noone else, rumbles with the boys and has no fear. And she'll do it all in a tutu and plastic dress-up heels given the chance. She's clever, beautiful, funny, creative and for all her crazy, she's got quite the soft, caring side and gives some of the best cuddles in the kid business. She's not perfect, but she's perfect for us. Happy birthday sweetie! We love you x


  1. Happy birthday to your big girl! Love the big balloons :) xx

  2. What a brilliant way to greet the birthday! Happy birthday to Layla. Five is such a great age. x