Saturday, September 8, 2012

Neon & neutral dreamcatcher

This looked better in my head. But that’s the way things go sometimes, isn’t it? Thing is, I absolutely adore the hot pink string (from Bunnings!) and the beige ribbon around the ring together. And I love the lace and beads and ribbons and feather – the colours and textures and the way it kind of looks all flowy and pretty. But the beigeness of the bottom part just might have neutralised the whole look a little too much and it kind of makes me want to replace the pink with white. Should I? I am so indecisive – even about incredibly trivial things like dreamcatchers…

At the risk of getting into trouble for making a dreamcatcher despite not even being close to native American (I did get some words for posting the kids in their costumes for a Cowboys and Indian party), I thought I’d post a little how-to of the netting part. All you need is a hoop of some kind – embroidery hoop (I used a large metal ring from Spotlight), some ribbon or leather twine for around the hoop, some string for the centre and an assortment of ribbons, beads and feathers to decorate. I’m hoping the pics are enough because I think I’d just make it sound more complicated if I put words to it. Basically, you just keep looping the string around the string in each little triangle it creates until you get to the middle, then tie it off.

And then you hang it somewhere so it catches all your hopes and dreams. I love the traditional use for these whimsical pieces – hang above the bed so the net can catch the bad dreams and only let the good ones pass through down the feathers to the sleeping person below. Aside from my recurring dreams about teeth falling out and not having finished university yet (and having to do an assessment task 15 years later – eek!), my dreams are weird and funny, but never really bad. And that’s without the dreamcatcher! That said, I could very much do with some help in catching those other dreams – the hopes and dreams of things to come in life: finding the right house for us, working out what I want to do with my (work) life, having more time to actually accomplish things, having Immy work out that sleep really isn’t that bad and that she will survive without clinging to my leg constantly all day long, getting my s#*! together and getting my life organised… That would be nice.

Whether you believe in this kind of stuff or not, it’s a nice sentiment – having something protect you from terrifying dreams and instead shower you with nice, happy ones. Layla has already put in an order for dreams about riding and owning unicorns (and she would like them to come true, too, please). Either way, they look pretty – and sometimes that’s just enough!

And back to the neon and neutral combo, in this case, since uploading these pics and looking at them a billion times, it’s growing on me more and more. I quite like the pop of pink, I just think it needs … something. Maybe!! Told you I was indecisive…

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