Tuesday, December 20, 2011

our painted-stick christmas tree

wall tree1

After selling our Christmas tree at a yard sale when we moved house earlier this year, I just assumed we’d buy another one when Christmas rolled around – preferably a real one. I have a lovely vision in my head of us all wandering around a Christmas tree farm and picking our own… But with an adventurous baby who likes to eat everything and pull herself up on everything, any kind of tree wasn’t very appealing. Then I spotted Leslie’s beautiful painted driftwood tree in her Colour Me Pretty column for Decor8 and it was decided: we’d do a painted stick tree this year on the wall.

So on a trip to the park, we all hunted down some sticks and I did a quick layout on the ground to ensure we had the right sizes. Then we all carried them back to our apartment – people no doubt wondering what on earth a family of 5 were doing carrying assorted sticks down the street. Zak looked a little like Gandalf with his staff-like stick. Anyway, I put out some paints and the kids and I got painting. Then I popped them up on the wall (the velcro 3M sticks worked best here) and draped some mini Ikea lights over them. Steve stuck the star ornament on the top (the Christmas-tree topper is always his job) and we were done!

wall tree2

We love it – it’s not as pretty as Leslie’s, but hey, I had “assistants” in Zak and Layla! Steve has set us the challenge to come up with a new kind of Christmas tree every year. Should be interesting!!!

wall tree4

PS: I posted a tutorial about the gold-leaf tags here.
PPS: Viv from Ish & Chi is doing a sweet series called 12 Days Before Christmas, speaking to various bloggers about various Christmassy things, like me who rambled too much, as usual, about crafty things. You can read it here.

{Images by Belinda Graham for The Happy Home}

15 Responses to “our painted-stick christmas tree”

  1. Lea says:
    I think you did a FANTASTIC job of recreating Leslie’s tree. I LOVE your version and your ‘helpers’ did a great job too. A beautiful, calm Christmas space.
  2. Nadine says:
    Looks great, I might try it too rather than dig out our old falling appart tree!
  3. Melynda says:
    looks awesome! hope you have a great christmas :)
  4. Well done Belinda! Looks fantastic and love that it doesn’t cost much to do!!
  5. LOVE this idea, B! And what a fabulous project for the kids to have fun with, too. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas. So looking forward to watching the bliss tumble from your blog in 2012. Tx
  6. Kobie says:
    Wow! Looks fantastic! I love that it has a natural element (and is obviously baby proof too!)
  7. Trina says:
    Looks great! I LOVE this idea! xo T
  8. Great idea for a small-space tree–it would be perfect for my shoebox of a Brooklyn apartment!
  9. JEN RAMOS says:
    ha! funny..i should have thought of this…we didnt even put up a tree this year…!
  10. Looks fab Belinda. We’ve never had a Christmas tree so always make something too. Yours looks so chic :) Merry Christmas to you and your family x
  11. So charming-I think the kids will remember it!
  12. Kate says:
    Clever idea and nice tree
  13. Melanie says:
    It looks amazing, I’m going to try to make my own this year but I’m worried about messing up the paint with the velcro. This wasn’t a problem for you?
  14. Belinda says:
    Hi Melanie – thanks! the velcro held up pretty well. Just make sure the paint isn’t damaged to begin with and make sure you pull the sticky part off really slowly and close to the wall (don’t pull it towards you, pull it down or along the wall). i used the 3M velcro strips and while i have had some paint removed beforehand it’s usually because i’ve rushed the removal. have fun! i’d love to see your version if you ever end up doing it!
    cheers bx

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