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how to make a mini ruffle-icing cake (out of cupcakes)


For Layla’s sparkle birthday party I made my very first ruffle-icing cake. I also made a mini ruffle cake out of cupcakes for her cousin who shares the same birthday and is a year younger. And seeing as the (Green’s Vanilla) cupcakes tasted much better than Nigella’s buttermilk cake recipe (sorry Nigella) and most kids just eat the icing anyway, I thought it a nice occasional alternative to cupcakes.
I also thought just for fun I’d show you how to do the ruffle icing (no doubt incredibly amateurishly) – especially seeing as Jess asked for a tutorial. Though a cooking related-tutorial is the last thing I expected to ever be doing on this blog – I’m not the best cook, though I am trying to be better and am actually enjoying it a little more lately (probably because Layla is into it so it’s something we do together). But I did Google a how-to myself so I guess another one can’t hurt… I’m headless and hopeless at remembering what I’m meant to be talking about and Zak makes a special appearance and food-critic commentary (“mmmmmm”), but you should get the idea. It’s pretty simple. It’s also very late. I made this video the same week of Layla’s party. Which was more than a month ago (cue much groaning and sighing)…

* Cupcakes (I have tried a billion different recipes but nothing tastes as good as the packet mix Green’s Vanilla Cupcakes. I feel like a cheat but it is SO GOOD)
* A whole lotta butter cream (Nigella’s butter cream is yummo: 300g butter, 700g icing sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract and 2 tbsn milk all mixed together and fluffy.
* A knife or spatula
* An icing bag and nozzle
* Silver balls and topper

Make a cupcake sandwich by icing the bottom of a cake and sticking two together.


2. Ice the top and fill in the indent between the two cakes with a swab of icing. Yes, there will be a LOT of icing.

3. Follow the instructions on putting together your icing bag from the instructions and then pipe around the cake (see video).
4. Finish with a topper and some silver balls or decoration of your choice.
5. Eat and enjoy and then be sick later. Possibly.
Have a fabbo weekend. We had a mini break this week in FREEZING COLD CANBERRA (um, it was -3 one morning. I don’t do cold very well. I certainly don’t do minus degrees. Brr). And I feel a little bit rested and refreshed (mostly due to the cold!). I hope to get back to more regular blogging soon.
{Images by Belinda Graham for The Happy Home}

41 Responses to “how to make a mini ruffle-icing cake (out of cupcakes)”

  1. Yummy! Those look delicious! Was it just food colouring you used to give it the green colour?
  2. bryn says:
    adorable!! love the colors.
  3. Holly says:
    Haha aw, I just loved the video!! So sweet. That looks DELICIOUS. And so full of icing, ha!
  4. Wow, the colors are just gorgeous! And I love the flag detail. So, so pretty!
  5. simplygrove says:
    You are SO cute!!!!! And the cake looks amazing!
  6. Kate says:
    That looks fantastic!
    Fun video too :)
  7. Rosemarie says:
    Loved this never thought of the cupcake sandwich. Video was brilliant loved how you still managed to get through it with a little additional directing from z! Rosemarie
  8. So cute! Loved seeing you live and hearing your voice and kids making noise in the background of course!!! xx
  9. Beth says:
    Greens are the best packet mixes! I use the Golden buttercake mix for my cupcakes. I’ve tried that many other recipes from scratch but i just can’t get them as light and fluffy as the Green’s! So now I don’t bother, so much easier and everyone always loves them! (Oh and the gluten free ones are pretty good too!)
  10. Alexandra says:
    Belinda what a fantastic idea. I am going to make these with pink icing for my baby shower in September.
    Beth do Greens have a gluten free cupcake mix? Or what brand are the gluten free cupcakes you are talking about?
  11. Anna says:
    I love the colour of your icing. Surely you can never have enough icing, well maybe :)
  12. Dorothy says:
    This looks so so so good. I really love that turqouise frosting—how did you make that color??
  13. fiona says:
    i love this… we will be trying this one
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  15. This is so stinkin adorable, thanks for sharing!! Smiles~ Noelle
  16. Belinda says:
    thanks guys – the icing colour was my just adding blue and yellow until i came to this colour. i think i also mixed in a bit of pink to grey it up a bit at one stage. I’m all about trial and error! I used the Queen Natural colours (yellow and pink) and the normal no-doubt-bad-for-you blue. xx
  17. Totally gorgeous.. wow I can’t stop looking at it. Looks delicious too!
  18. Suzanne says:
    That looks amazing, my kids would love to try that too!
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  20. cata says:
    Love the video!
    Thanks for sharing this amazing idea
    regards from Tuscany
  21. Melissah says:
    I just discovered your lovely blog and I look forward to popping by again for some more inspiration! I’ve just put the finished touches on my new blog ‘Coastal Style’ It will have lots of inspiration on beach houses, resortwear, summer food, travel and anything ‘beachy’. I had a lot of fun putting it together so maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.
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  23. Jenifer says:
    I love this! Thank you for sharing. I am reposting on my site tomorrow and crediting and linking back to you. If this is a problem in any way, just let me know and I will remove the posting. Such a genius idea this is!
  24. Belinda says:
    not a problem at all jennifer! link away x
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  26. Classic video!! Loved it. Of course, bubby will cry during filming! :)
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  32. Jennifer says:
    Love this! Am sharing on FB! :)
  33. Pragna Raval says:
    what tip is it youre using???
  34. Found this via Pinterest. And I just have to say. Its GENIUS! I sooo have to make myself one of those soon. Thank you for sharing!
  35. Belinda says:
    Pragna, the tip is a Wilton Star Tip 22 – not sure if these tips are universal or not (I know nothing about cooking and cooking appliances/apparatus etc!) but that is what the box says!! To be honest you’d get a ruffle with any tip if you do the same sort of motion – the ruffles would just vary I guess! x
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  37. I think my hubby would kill me for eating something so sweet lol but it does look very good. I love the colour and I hope it taste’s as good as it looks!
    Thanks for the detailed recipe hun!
    Holly X
  38. stephanie says:
    I loved your video, talented baker who is also a mom! I related to all the mommy elements on this video, and just loved it
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