Thursday, April 21, 2011

the fun and games of getting a family photo


Well, not quite the whole family – poor old Steve was slaving away at work, but I had to take an updated pic of the kids and I for my About Me page and also for a couple of other things I’ve been asked to do. So I thought – it’s sunny, Immy is awake (nothing new there), we’re all relatively clean… let’s try that group shot. Grr. Three hours later I finally got a shot (above). Here are a few outtakes…


Layla made a good test model

Me and my little big girl

Immy joins the party. And is kind of smiling, but Zak refuses to make an appearance

Oh, there he is. And oh-so grumpy. And happy Imogen is now sad Imogen after Layla poked her in the eye. Out of love, of course

Still sulking…

Is that a … smile?!

Finally! We have smiles! Just needs a crop…

Have a happy, safe and fun-filled extra-long weekend! Don’t eat too much chocolate. No wait, that doesn’t sound right – stuff yourselves silly! Happy Easter. x

{Images by Belinda Graham for The Happy Home}

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