Tuesday, April 19, 2011

imogen's nursery corner

This print was a gift from sweet Amanda of Calico & Co and Lemon Tree Lane. I couldn’t see it as an option in her store, but it should be! I’m sure she’ll be happy to chat to you if you want one too (she’s nice like that).

Imogen actually slept today so I was able to tidy up her “room” and take some pictures. Of course, it also meant she slept TOO much and I had to take the snaps with her in the bed before I lost the light… Typical! Her room is actually a teeny portion of my bedroom – it’s one half of a wall. I like my babies to sleep nearby for the first six months or so and in a little cradle – they look so ridiculously lost in a proper cot!!
This was my original moodboard for her nursery when she was Bubble. We didn’t know her sex and even though I wasn’t planning to decorate a full nursery, I of course did a moodboard. It’s not exactly what I’d planned, but in my world, that would be rare anyway!
So, I started with the room looking like this (above) – grey and white. I still love it looking all minimal and simple, but then I went and had a little girl and there is NO ESCAPING THE PINK. So mainly due to the fact her clothes and gifts were pink, it became pink and grey with a little peach dotted throughout in the clothes and sling on the side of the cradle. And so… here it is (I may have gone overboard with the number of images. Sorry)

This is the “nursery” in its entirety. Not much to it, is there?! I like all the colours together and the hits of nature.

I painted the cradle a deep grey. It’s my own custom mix – chalkboard paint mixed with white undercoat! I love the matte chalky finish and went crazy with the same colour throughout the house – Layla’s bedhead, the step stool, a chair…

I used another piece of driftwood as a mini shelf – it’s stuck on the wall with a million 3M tapes (and the cradle is out from the wall so no chance of anything falling on Miss Imogen even if it does fall). The little horse is by Kate Finn and the teeny tiny ballet shoes were Layla’s – they’re from Chateau de Sable.

I love this little clock (hmm, still need to set it!). It’s Decoylab and I struggled choosing which style I wanted, but the owl won. From Hunt & Gather. BUT, I just noticed the Decoylab website is having a giveaway of THIS VERY CLOCK! Chances of that?! You’ve got till April 30 to enter – click here. The tissue paper garland is made by me – I’ll have a tutorial for you tomorrow.

The white cube shelves are from Kmart. They cost a while $19 each. The sheepskin rug is Ludde from Ikea.

Love this reversible sling, only none of my children actually liked being in it. Sigh. So it’s always been a room decoration until they’re old enough for the hip-slinger style. It’s by Rockin’ Baby. The giraffe is Sophie The Giraffe teether.

I’ve used my mum’s rocking chair for all three kids. It’s fun to rock with them and I would feed in it at night but I’m way too lazy and prefer to slouch or lie in my bed.

I bought this little elephant while pregnant with Zak. Coles – of all places – had a bunch of really cute stuffed animals so I bought a few of them. Ooh-Ahh (Zak’s monkey) and Lion (Layla’s lion – original name) are their best mates and they nominated Elephant for Immy. I’ve since banned stuffed toys as gifts because I despise them en masse, but I’m still happy with this original buy – every child needs one fave cuddly bedtime pal… The cushion is actually a tea towel – another sweet gift from Julie of from Olive & Joy. But I love the pattern and colour too much to ruin it as I do all my tea towels, so I turned it into a cushion. Keep an eye on the store as you’ll soon be able to buy a cushion in this print.

My driftwood hanger – wow, the last image of this (the grey and white one, above) got around the WWW, which was nice. I do love this.

Immy’s little shoes (the slippers are Britt Design)

Mr Rabbit is from Typo (man, I love that store!) and the little paper boat I made – originally I was going to do a string of little multi-coloured paper boats to hang on the wall, but then I had a little girl, so the boats went to Zak and Layla to sail in the puddles and I just kept the one.

immyclothesTeeny tiny clothes, a basket of wraps and a stack of spew catchers (ok, they’re nappies, but Immy is such a spewer, that’s what I call them) make up the rest of the cubes. And no, they’re NEVER this neat.
So there we have it – Immy’s little nursery corner/wall. Thoughts? One of the comments in my survey was a suggestion to have a before and after of the styling of a space. I thought it was a great idea. So tomorrow – provided I get the time! – I’ll show you how I put the room together, how it looked before I made it photo-worthy and a few other sneaky things I did to get it to this stage. Because despite my slight rant in my previous post, I do edit and style when I take a picture of a space. Just not as much as magazines do!

immynursery3Sleeping beauty…

{Images by Belinda Graham for The Happy Home}


  1. Beautiful Corner! Where did you find the cradle?

    1. hi brynn, sorry to say it is a hand-me-down from my cousin. And I'm pretty sure he got it second-hand too, so I'm not sure where it originated. Sorry! If it helps, it was just a timber cradle with a bad coat of turquoise paint on it. I painted it in a mix of chalkboard paint and primer which made it look a whole lot better!

  2. beautiful kids, beautiful home, greetings from Dalmatia!

  3. Love your nursery! Could you tell how you hung the driftwood/branch hanger? Not sure if I should attach it to the ceiling or the wall, the room is small so an extra place for clothes or stuffies would be great
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Kristen - thanks! for the clothes hanger I screwed two hooks into the ceiling and then wrapped some thing wire around each end of the branch and then wound it around the hook as well. It seemed to do the trick! You could also use fishing line too? The other one on the wall was stuck to the wall with a whole heap of 3M tape. Hope that helps! good luck x