Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hanging lantern centrepiece & button wreath DIY


More of my Kidspot Chrissy crafts for you this morning. The point of these crafts was to make inexpensive and simple decorations as well as kids craft activities and small gifts for kids and adults. So nothing will cost you a bomb and nothing will burn too many brain cells!
These hanging lanterns free up table space for all-important food but still allow a little festive centrepiece with a difference. Just don’t tell your guests they’re made from toilet-paper rolls…. One for the kids to help you with. You can find instructions here.


All you need for this project is a hot-glue gun, a foam wreath and a bunch of buttons. Easy-peasy, just don’t burn yourself as often as I did! Here’s how you can DIY.

{Images by Belinda Graham for kidspot/The Happy Home}

11 Responses to “hanging lantern centrepiece + button wreath”

  1. Whoo Hoo bring on Christmas!
    These are gorgeous and so easy for kids, well done x
  2. Melissa says:
    How sweet and so simple! I never new a toilet roll could be so beautiful (and I work on Kleenex Cottonelle – so that’s saying something!!). Just gorgeous :)
  3. Danielle says:
    So darling…I think I am going to commandeer my neice to do crafts like this with me…my son no longer is (actually never has been) interested :( .
  4. Trish says:
    what awesome ideas …thanks Melissa for the link !
    It will make the kids so proud to help make useful decorations.
    …question do you an idea for a Christmas star ?
  5. Jane B says:
    I was only just looking at Kidspot last night and your Christmas crafts…these lanterns were a favourite. Who would believe they’re toilet rolls?
    You’ve done a great job on your Kidspot Christmas stuff. Some great crafts on there that are simple to make, yet incredibly classy and gorgeous.
  6. maggie may says:
    maybe i need to buy a hot glue gun, then.
    i will definitely burn myself though. that’s how i am.
  7. Kalen says:
    I just stumbled across your blog recently while following links from who knows where, and I must say, awesome job on the Christmas chandelier! I don’t have any kids and I still think its a great project!
  8. meaghan says:
    Where did you get those awesome placemats?!
  9. [...] can’t take any credit for today’s Christmas decor project.  I totally stole the idea from Belinda over at The Happy Home.  What was the idea?  Well, basically I saved up a bunch of [...]
  10. enfermedades says:
    hanging lantern centrepiece + button wreath « the happy home…
  11. Witty! I’m bookmarking you site for future use.

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