Saturday, November 20, 2010

DIY Christmas gift wrap & card ideas


Are you all Christmassed out yet before it’s even begun? Tell me about it – I was over Christmas in August! And now, can you believe it, I’m attempting to get my head into EASTER ideas for another lot of Kidspot crafts!! That said, I’m still looking forward to a proper Christmas – I just have to get Zak’s birthday party out of the way first!
Anyway, today it’s all about gift wrap you can make and print yourself on your computer or con the kids into helping you make, as well as some simple handmade cards to add a little sparkle (and tooth decay) to certain friends and loved ones. You can find the how-to for the snowflake, stripes and jingle bells gift wrap (as in the image above) right here. You’ll no doubt recognise the printables as a Christmassy version of this kids one!

Copy of potato-stamp-insitu

If you’re up for a little mess, you can make some potato stamps for the kids to get crafty with – a little messiness looks so cute mixed in with the grown-up wrapped gifts and helps make them feel a part of the process. You can find a how-to here.


You don’t need much to make your own cards: a little cardboard, paper, some glitter, glue and a candy cane made this lot. Go here for instructions.
I’ll be back with something non-Christmassy tomorrow!
{Images by Belinda Graham for kidspot/The Happy Home}

9 Responses to “DIY gift wrap & card ideas”

  1. Oh no don’t stop the Christmas, there is no such thing as too much Christmas…..
    Julie x
  2. Stephanie says:
    Love that jingle bells paper – too cute! It’s a little bit sad isn’t it that we often feel all “Christmassed out” before the season has really begun. This year, I am going to try to be more relaxed and positive (fingers crossed)! Hope you are enjoying your week. Did you have bad storms your way yesterday? We had two blackouts – you should have seen me with no computer access. I am truly a computer junkie! Stephie x
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  4. These are great! I love the whole DIY ideas for Christmas.
    Today we bought our first family Christmas tree and I’ve put it up already… but hey, it’s going to be fun with a toddler this year (now that she’s old enough to “get it”)… so we might as well start organising Christmas early … oh and make our own tree decorations together. :)
  5. julie says:
    I’m enjoying the styling of your photos as much as the pretty pressies and decorations.
  6. Mari says:
    Bring it on! I can’t get enough Christmas craft, ever.
  7. littlebear says:
    you’re the best!! Thank you. Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE your blog :)
  8. Valerie says:
    Love this post! Thank you for all the terrific ideas :)
    Where did you get the Scandinavian looking wrapping paper? The one behind the potato prints, red print on kraft paper? I love it!!
  9. Belinda says:
    thank you all!
    valerie – the paper is from Laikonik. it’s beautiful isn’t it? it’s my fave and I often steal it back after gifting someone so i can use it again! I can’t bear the thought of someone throwing it out! haha

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