Friday, November 5, 2010

button magnets


As part of my Chrissy crafts brief, I had to make some easy and inexpensive small gifts to give for kids and their parents/teachers etc. As huge as my love is for chalkboard paint, there is a small part of my heart dedicated to the magnetic version too – and their magnetic-surface siblings. But pretty magnets can be hard to come by easily, so I came up some ideas for magnet gifts so recipients can banish their tradesman versions to the bin – buttons and faux flowers for the big kids; plywood cut-outs for the small. But there are many, many other options to try: shells, old keys and foreign coins for adults; small cars and figurines, dominoes or playing cards for kids. Seeing as Kidspot didn’t post all the pics and instructions, I’ll post the button one here.


You’ll need:
1. Assortment of buttons – various sizes, styles and shapes in a similar colourway will work best. Or try the same style button in different colours.
2. Plain round magnets from craft shops or bargain stores like Hot Dollar, $2 a bag.
3. Superglue or hot glue gun.
How to: 
Squeeze a little glue on the backs of the buttons and stick the magnets in the centre. Leave until dry.


Packaging idea:
Cut some stiff cardboard in a narrow column and decorate one end by cutting a scalloped edge and using a single hole punch (or hammer and punch) around the curves. Tie some twine or cord at the end and place some magnets on the front and others lined up at the back so they’ll connect and jam the cardboard in-between. The recipient can use the cardboard as a bookmark if they like.
Tip: If you want to be able to hold the cardboard in place with the magnets, work out which way the magnets connect together (two at a time) before you glue the buttons on and then glue on the other side. If it’s wrong, the magnetic force will push them apart instead of pulling them together.

Want more? For flower magnets, go here for instructions

or a kids version, go here for info.

Have a brilliant weekend! Thanks for your visits and comments and emails and tweets this week. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside. And drive my hubby crazy with the constant beep beep beep when received on the Blackberry! hehe. See you next week. xx
{Images Belinda Graham for The Happy Home}

13 Responses to “button magnets”

  1. Those button magnets are too cute! You’re right. I think this would be a great, inexpensive handmade gift for a teacher. Can’t wait to try it out.
  2. Chloe says:
    A lovely idea, we all have a ‘button box’ so its good to put them to use! I did a post of 10 different things to do with buttons for more ideas:
  3. Belinda says:
    Oh these are fantastic…….I’m off to find these bits around the house (I’m sure to have these hidden somewhere) and spend the afternoon creating with my girls…Thanks Xx
  4. Emma says:
    Hi Belinda,
    Love the buttons- very clever. So good to catch up on your blog after being away for a while having baby Charlotte. Can’t wait to read some more during the midnight feeds! Hope you are well. Emma.
  5. Emma says:
    This is fabulously simple, thankyou! What a great little present idea.I will be making these, that’s for sure. Emma x
  6. Maria says:
    These are great ideas, thanks Belinda…I’m going to try this one :)
  7. Margie says:
    Such a great idea. Thanks, will be giving these a go.
  8. MicP says:
    You manage to get everything to look so pretty! Will try this and i think I will gift it with a magnetic board from Ikea…what a cool gift for someone special…thanks for the inspiration!
  9. lanne says:
    LOVE the button idea. brilliant, simple and special. THANK YOU for sharing :)
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  11. jenn says:
    what a great idea. super easy and i love the look. now i’m looking around at other things i could make into magnets!!
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