Wednesday, November 24, 2010

before and after: roadside desk

Remember the discarded dining table Steve and I half drove/half carried home? Well I painted it and finally cleaned it up enough to take a picture of it for an after with my brand new replica Tolix chair from Life Interiors (they were the most organised company I’ve ever bought from – called to confirm the order & arrange a delivery time, sent me a tracking code for delivery and delivered the next day – even to me in the sticks). The before is below – JUST in case you couldn’t work that out all on your own! haha

I haven’t actually finished the space so this is a bit of a half-hearted attempt to make it look decent (in fact, the other side you can’t see is covered in assorted half-finished projects, receipts, and melted crayons). In the end, it was too difficult to cut the sides to make them square due to the supporting wood and brackets etc underneath, so I left them curvy. It’s only that one corner that is a pain and so I covered it with books! I painted the bottom a white and the top is Wattyl Quartzy Blue. Love the colour.So now it’s in the corner of my cabin or “studio” and is my craft table. I love that there is no computer (not even a laptop – it died. RIP) so I’m not distracted while I work in there. And everything I need supply-wise is an arm’s length away on the desk or on the shelves to the side.

5-minute project: twine hanger
And I even whipped up a little holder for my baker’s twine. Mind you, the amount of various twines and ribbons I have, I’ll need an extra-long, double-decker one! I saw a bought one on a blog somewhere and figured I could make my own. It took all of five minutes – you just need a piece of dowel, wire and wire cutters. Cut a length, wrap around one end of the dowel tightly, loop up and around itself to create a hanger, then back down to the other side and around itself again (not as tight this time – you want to be able to slip it off to get the twine roll on and off). And hang!

For those who want to know…
Cream basket and white holders, Ikea.
Silver embossed box, Tree of Life.
“I think you are fab” print, Lemon Tree Lane.
{images by Belinda Graham for The Happy Home}

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  1. I love it all-inspired now to tidy up an old school desk my daughter has had for oh only about 5 years! :-)