Thursday, September 30, 2010

project doily: star decorations

Last doily project – promise! These are easy-as to do and look cute stuck against the wall with Blu-Tak or masking tape or hung from the ceiling. I hung these with fishing wire for this shot and stuck against a wall for one of my Christmas projects. For Christmas they’re snowflakes; for now let’s call them stars. Or flowers.

3 paper doilies per star Double-sided tape

Step 1: Fold the doily into a concertina (like a paper fan).

Step 2: Fold in half.

Step 3. Stick the two ends together with tape.

Step 4. Repeat with other two doilies so all three are connected and are fanned out slightly. Then stick on the wall or hang.
Are we all doilied out? I know I am… I’ll try for something a little less frou frou next time! Bx
{Images by Belinda Graham for The Happy Home}

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  1. ahh!! So excited to find this tutorial! I found this really cute backdrop made of doilies but it was $50 bucks! I knew there was a way to fold it but didn't know how. Thanks so much for taking the time with this. Hae a great day