Thursday, February 4, 2010

holiday project 3: ikea lamp makeover


Ready for my latest makeover? My holiday period was put to good use! I did take before and progress shots with it all taped up, but sadly those images are lost in cyberspace along with a few of the cabin progress. I thought I could recover them, but it looks like I can’t. Luckily, IKEA has deep etches of everything!

Once upon a time I owned an Ikea Tertial, complete with Magis steel lamp base. Then I grew up, moved away from home and refused to buy a desk lamp, opting for pretty table lamps instead. Now, thanks to a complete bombardment of cool images of desk lamps everywhere I look, I want in again. I’d love this one, but the vintage ones are hard to come by (especially in that colour), so until the day comes that I own an original, it’s back to the Tertial. Without the base, though, as they don’t sell them anymore. And of course, mine was thrown out years ago and my bottom is now sore from kicking myself about this…

So, I decided I could live with it hooked on to the edge of my desk, but I wanted to do something about the colour (above is how it looked originally). Thank you White Knight Squirts Metallic Blue for shimmering in the sunlight and therefore catching my eye as I walked into the hardware store for an unrelated paint purchase. I snapped up a can, painstakingly masking-taped all the springs, nuts, bolts and steel bits, stuck an empty toilet roll around the lamp holder (there are holes in the shade) and got spraying. And here is the result. I really like it. And when I get my vintage Anglepoise, I’ll give the Tertial to Zak for his desk, just like mine all those years ago…


A little about this set-up: I’m really determined to practice, practice, practice when it comes to styling. So, instead of pinning up inspiring images from other people, I printed out my own work, stuck them in full view so I can see the good, the bad and the ugly and hopefully learn from it. Some of these I love, some I don’t, but it’s good to look at them and take note of what I would do if I was to re-create it. Or just be proud of the ones I do love. Word of warning: you’ll be seeing a fair bit more of little vignettes so apologies in advance for rolling out the same pieces over and over again! I’ll do my best to mix it up!

Quick credits:
Tertial lamp, $19.99, IkeaWhite ampersand, $4.95, Typo
Amy Butler journal, $29.95, Mummy’s FavouritePen holder, about $9, Bed Bath n Table
Tunise Moroccan tea glass, Mighty Leaf Tea 
{Images 1 & 3: Belinda Graham for The Happy Home; 2: Ikea}

25 Responses to “holiday project 3: lamp makeover”

  1. great, and love the pic arrangement too!
  2. Rosie says:
    WOW, it looks fantastic! There must have been some serious taping to be done though! Totally worth it though!
  3. Julie says:
    the lamp looks fantastic – so much like your dream lamp too! you are a natural stylist Belinda, i can’t wait to see you styling up a storm in the mags one day soon… :)
  4. miss.mellie says:
    i love the lamp!!! so great.. and the styling is fab
    cant wait to see more!!
  5. cute, B. well done and welcome back x
  6. Viv says:
    Now that looks beautiful. Well done B! Glad you are feeling better :)
  7. Sara says:
    I’m inspired to paint my lamp like this now. I don’t know how I’ll go with all the taping up though, it’ll probably end up in the too hard basket or I’ll get my husband to do it. I love the styling, as always beautiful.
  8. Marie says:
    I love it! Great choice of colour. I love all your little prints too. I really miss the days of shooting on film and coming back from a shoot with a pocket full of polaroids that I’d then pin up around my desk. Did are they done on one of those cute mini printers? I may have to get myself one
  9. Jo McBride says:
    …love it…bit i do want one of those “&” where can I get one?
  10. Belinda says:
    thank you all! sara & rosie, the taping wasn’t too bad. was kind of relaxing as i did it when both kids were asleep so anytime i’m not being interupted is nice!
    marie, i miss film too sometimes! these pics were just printed out on an A4 sheet of photo paper in the “wallet prints” and i just cut them out on a cutting mat.
    jo, the ampersand (&) is from Typo – check for stockists x
  11. Kaili says:
    Wow! I’m the one jealous of you! I love your blog and your talent to make over things and make interiors look beautiful. Can’t wait to see your inspiration board, I have no doubts it will be fantastic. Kaili x
  12. Amanda says:
    Wow Belinda! You’ve done such a great job painting that lamp – I would have given up having to masking tape up all the bits and pieces :) Love the colour you’ve used. Really like your idea of a ’styling’ wall too. Enjoy your weekend x
  13. Oh God bless you for this idea! Absolutely magic. I need to go to Bunnings tomorrow so guess what I’m looking out for!
  14. shelley t says:
    & that looks pretty damn good – love it…..a few people in my house tend to get the ‘knight squirts’…..sorry feeling a bit mischievous this evening!!!!! x
  15. Ingrid says:
    I’m smitten with the lamp…that colour is just perfect! So, so clever as always!
    Glad you’re feeling better – it’s nice to see you back! x
  16. That is all very beautiful. I really like the colour of the lamp.
    Isn’t funny how easy it is to
    “unstyle” our homes A pair of shoes here, school bags there and notes and bills everywhere else!
    Thanks for the inspiration
  17. Kirsty says:
    This has come up beautifully. I’ve just bought some lamps in this shade from Etsy & can’t wait for them to arrive.
  18. Blythe says:
    Lovely to see your photo (and your lamp!) featured on decor8 today!
  19. Krystle Rose says:
    Love, love, love the transformation. I just bought a desk from IKEA and really wanted to find a vintage desk lamp. No luck finding anything before my patience ran out. This is a great idea to take something ordinary and make it unique and special.
  20. I am freaking out over this image! I LOVE it!! Made me grab some of my own images and tape them up in front of my craft table. I got so excited when I saw your photo again over at Decor8. Yay! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!
  21. I absolutely love the color you chose for the lamp as well as your entire desk. It’s such a pretty and inspirational space!
  22. Ava says:
    Hi Belinda!
    I found your blog during the holidays last year and abslotuely love it! I wanted to know if you could send me some information about ordering the paint you used on your lamp. I have a couple of these from my school daze (Architecture) and am setting up my home studio and would LOVE to breathe some freshness onto them. I live in the States and we do not have this paint line available here. :-(
    This paint colour is just perfect! Hope to hear from you soon!
  23. Belinda says:
    hey ava! i’m not sure about ordering from here – the site is if you wanted to check with them. it’s just a glossy enamel in a spray can – i was lucky the colour was so good, but i’m sure there would be some US paint companies who do a similar thing. If your hardware doesn’t have anything, maybe check with a trade paint place – they’d probably have more of a range. you just it to be suitable to use on metal. good luck! x
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