Sunday, January 17, 2010

holiday project 2: side table makeover

I’ve had this little side table since I was a kid. I remember painting it several times over the years – always white. And I’d probably have continued except that I wanted a tiny bit of colour in the cabin’s bathroom. I thought a blue would look lovely on the grey stone tiled floor so grabbed myself a sample pot and got painting. Managed to get not one single drop of paint on me the entire time (it’s reallly quite a miracle; you should see me normally). Then as I went to finish up, I tripped over and landed on the wet-painted table, turned myself blue and had to sand back and repaint. And of course I didn’t stop there. As I finished up the second time, I stepped on the paint lid and walked paint through the house. Just a normal clutzy day in the life of me.


And so, here it is dry, smudge free and in my bathroom for its close-up because the cabin/studio’s bathroom/laundry (which will actually look a little like a kitchen, but more on that later) has no walls yet, let alone floors and hardware. All in good time…
The paint is Nippon Poseidon 2.
The white towels, which I love, love, love are from Le Souk (watch out, there are lots of nice things to buy here and you will have trouble redirecting the mouse away from “add to cart”.
The soaps are quite possibly the nicest-smelling combo ever. And cost a grand total of $5: EcoStore Lemongrass Soap and Priya Olive Oil soap from… Woolworths.
Blue towel is a mystery as is the wooden bowl. Had them for years – longer than memory has been gone.

16 Responses to “holiday project 2: side table makeover”

  1. Looks so pretty…. it’s the simplicity that makes it so pretty!!!
    xx Trina
  2. Amanda says:
    Wow! Looks great Belinda. Love the colour you’ve chosen. Wish I could get my hands on some fab pieces like this to transform – am keeping my eyes peeled!! Enjoy your week x
  3. Raru says:
    Gorgeous. Really great job :) ))
  4. renee anne says:
    I love it!! I have wanted something like that in my bathroom forever!! I feel like I need somewhere to decorate lol!!
    anyway , I just LOVE your story, even thought it was bad for you to have to paint twice and walk paint in the house, but it makes me feel better that I am not the only silly one what is a clumsy crafter!
  5. I love it! What a fun pop of color! And I totally agree about Le Souk. There are so many cute things!
  6. sara says:
    hehe sounds like my painting jobs. alls well that ends well though
  7. Viv says:
    The colour is really beautiful! It’s hard to find nice blues. I’ll have to remember this one.
  8. looks fab!! re: the towels, I checked out the website, is that a UK site? Will they send to Oz or can we buy in oz??? (eg Adairs???)
  9. Catherine says:
    That blue is such a lovely colour!!! Looks great.
  10. I can completely relate to the tripping thing, regular occurrence with me. I am also a big fan of ECOstore products, they smell beautiful.
  11. Louise says:
    Uh, this will come as no surprise to you, but, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    You nailed it.
  12. wow….so pretty love the color and the white towels against the blue look so awesome
  13. Cyma says:
    Its looking lovely!
  14. I emailed the le souk people for a price to send to melb, aus, but wooo, very expensive!! I wish I could get some here!
  15. Belinda says:
    hey annie – sorry i forgot to tell you… yes they ship worldwide. the 2 towels plus shipping cost me $100 so i just thought of each towel as $50 which is not too far away from a good towel anyway. and i do love them!! x
  16. shelley t says:
    that looks beautiful, b! x

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