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gwyneth paltrow’s tribeca loft (i think. i’m 99.9% sure*)

*Am now 100% sure thanks to Vogue who shot Gwyneth (as in photographed; shooting her just wouldn’t be nice, unless you’re  a Gwyneth hater. And I’m not…) in her kitchen which just happens to be exactly the same as this one here. So I was right and I take great pleasure in saying that because that doesn’t happen too often!
**Ok, so this post has now gone around the WWW (six months later!!) and I feel a little bad now for sharing with the world! Especially when 99% of all the comments elsewhere are really, really awful (and often nothing to do with the actual home!!!). They’re insulting to her and also to the designers, who are really very talented.
Yes, it’s white and clean and perhaps not like most homes, but lots of people have white homes (hello, sweden!). And also, these images would have been taken before they moved in – or before they’ve settled in completely. Architects and interior designers always take photographs of their work at near-completion stage for their portfolios. They’re not stylists and they’re not the owners, so the space is always going to look different once the owners move in, moved ALL their furniture and personal items in and lived in it for a while. I have no doubt there are now books and toys and kids paintings and a TV. And it’s also going to look different if it’s a house you only live in for maybe a few weeks here and there in a year.
Anyway, for some reason GP strikes a nerve with a lot of people. I have no doubt if this was an anonymous house as an example of a designer’s work (um, which it was until I blurted out to world who it belonged to – sorry Gwynnie/R&W), it’d be much more applauded than it has been. That’s a shame.
Have you met fab design duo Roman & Williams? They’re former movie-set directors (they did Zoolander and Practical Magic) who branched out into interior design/architecture/furniture design after A-list actor after A-list actor asked them to work their magic on their homes. From what I’ve seen, I love their style. And I love how they manage to make a home look like the person who lives there – they beautified Kate Hudson’s LA home into the perfect mix of Kate Hudson: slightly hippy chic, slightly rock chick, slightly wordly and exotic. I loved it all, and I will post it at some stage if you haven’t seen before.
A while back I read that  Roman and Williams had also designed the interior of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tribeca loft. It was mentioned how they’d transformed an antique Indian door into a swing and hung it in the living room. It was her favourite thing. While browsing their site recently I noticed one of the posts under “work” was a Tribeca Loft. And there, in the living room shot? A swing. Possibly made from an old Indian door. Gwyneth’s? Had to be, right? Then I noticed the pic name in a child’s bedroom: apple’s room. Bingo! I was pretty excited to find it. Of course, there is a chance it’s not her home, but I’d say it’s pretty slim. So, welcome to Gwyneth’s house. And welcome to my sad realisation that I have ridiculously pointless research/investigative skills… Let’s begin the tour (click to enlarge).
Close up of the swing. Gwyneth told W mag: “Even the chains are like a work of art.” She’s right - beautiful. I need a swing in my living room dammit. Maybe when Layla is a little older and not as likely to be KOed every time she walks near it.
gwyn3A “bed chamber” fit for Hollywood royalty.
gwyn4I don’t care that these closets would not fit with anything in my house, the nine-year-old pretend princess inside me wants them very much.
gwyn5Look! wallpaper on the ceiling! Not for the faint-hearted. Or ceilings without moulding.
gwyn6Apple’s room – how magical is the bed?! Could also be classed as nightmare-inducing, but I’ll stick with magical.
gwyn8Kitchen perfection
gwyn7Eat-in kitchen? Breakfast bar? Good place for homework anyway!
I love the kitchen, main bedroom, Apple’s bed (remember, I like tospook little children) and the light in the living room (reminds me of a feathered gown). It’s a little ornate in parts for me, but after seeing her Hampton’s home in House & Garden (RIP), I think it feels like Gwyneth. Do you think? And ultimately, that’s the main thing: I think a home should reflect the owners. I don’t think it reflects Chris Martin, but I def see Gwynnie in decor form here. What do you think?
{all images via Roman and Williams}

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  1. yeah right, like a little girls room is going to look like that once they’ve woken up!! lol
  2. Wall paper on the ceiling is one of my most favorite tricks!
    It’s always a subtle surprise when it is finally noticed, and it doesn’t take away from the rest of the room art and decor.
    Over all the colors and finishes seem very formal but, I bet upon a closer touch it is rather little hand friendly.
  3. beautiful………..
  4. Michelle says:
    Its really beautiful for the most part , not sure about the eating nook in the kitchen though its a bit “happy days” for me . I do love Apples room though and think the bed is just gorgeous !
  5. Viv says:
    My home feels so hillbilly compared to this. Why can’t I have a gazillion dollars? Bah.
    That kitchen is to die for as is the breakfast bar area. Great detective skills!
  6. Lanne says:
    I think you nailed it. Their project list describes the project as Tribeca Penthouse – 4,440 sq. ft. – New York, NY Winter 2008
    For an Oscar-winning actress, her musician husband, and their two children, Roman and Williams completed a total redesign, including all interior architecture and decoration, of this Tribeca apartment to make it suitable for both entertaining and for the needs of a young family.
    i like the tree bed ;)
  7. Legally_Pink says:
    Love Apple’s bed and the kitchen / diner! But overall the decor is a little chilly for me – this is coming from someone who’s been told you need sunglasses to attend their house.
  8. miss.mellie says:
    i absolutly LOVE the swing chair and the lounge and her bedroom..
    the rest is a bit full on, but i could live in the rest :)
  9. sara says:
    Oh I want Apple’s bed!
  10. paula says:
    that kitchen is gorgeous. I rather like it, very hollywood.
  11. Louise says:
    I think the word “impeccable” came about purely so it could one day describe that very special place!
  12. Janette says:
    I want that swing!!! What a perfect place for curling up with a book or having an afternoon nap. stunning!
  13. Raru says:
    Thank you for this post.
    I love the kitchen and this breakfast bar :) ))
    Have a great day :)
  14. Mikaela says:
    I don’t thinkI would want to even touch anything, it all looks a bit too perfect. And ritzy. I really like Apple’s bed though =)
    And what do you mean RIP? To House & Garden magazine or to her Hamptons home?? I’m confused.
  15. Wowee…. what a find….you know I love all things Gwyneth.. I might have to repost, just so I can have this on file! Would love to have tea in the living room. The kitchen is spectauclar. Apple’s bed is unbelievable (does she have any toys?) and doesn’t that master bed look like crazy super long? Oh, how I would love to see what the house looked liked on a normal day. Are there trails of toys on the floors, snacks on the tables, and beds unmade like at my house?
    xx Trina
  16. Belinda says:
    haha ah yes i’m sure they hadn’t even moved in yet when these pics were taken so i’m sure there are signs of life normally. RIP was to house & garden – the US version closed an issue after Gwyneth’s Hampton’s home was featured. The Aus version is still going strong, but it was one of MANY US titles to disappear in the last couple of years. sad.
  17. Cyma says:
    Oh to be a celebrity, its a beautiful house. Love Apple’s room.
    Thanks Belinda for stopping by my blog :)
  18. Sheila says:
    great to see their home- I’m a bit of a chris and gywnnie tragic. love the luxe elements but together its all bit too sterile for me
  19. wow….is what i said when i clicked on that KITCHEN IMAGE and it blew up to a closer look….unreal what so much money can buy you. She’s go tthe best of both worlds…a loft and a rockstar….LUCKY gal!
    I love it!
    Jen Ramos
    ‘Cards & Prints You’ll Love…’
  20. kelly beth says:
    absolutely adore the hallway with that gentle lace wallpaper look. gorgeous home
  21. Becky says:
    I know what you mean about the kiddos getting “KO-ed” — I have a 21 month old and I thought the same thing. She’d probably get KO-ed by my 4-yr old on the swing!
  22. Rather fantastic find, you should be proud of yourself. She has great style, I loved her other house too, oh to have the money to do whatever you like. They did a great job
  23. Heather says:
    I agree it’s beautiful – but it looks like a model apartment, not one that’s lived in. There are no photos, no personal touches. I love the bed, but the poor child! Where are her toys? It just looks so… vanilla. Incredibly expensive vanilla, but vanilla nonetheless.
    Oh wait, that’s right. It’s GOOP.
  24. Jackie says:
    Definitely her house.. she’s on Vogue US next month and the photos were taken at her Tribeca loft.. One of the photos was taken in her kitchen and it looks exactly like the kitchen here.
    I am 25 and soon to be married…is it crazy that I desperately want Apple’s bed?
  25. envirotw*ts says:
    All this, and she’s SUCH an environmentalist! What? A 4400 sq ft second (third? fourth? fifth?) home with all those lovely furnishings isn’t Saving The Planet????
    Well. *ahem*. I’m sure she buys indulgences (’scuse me – carbon credits) so that Al Gore and other wealthy people like him, can get even richer. Oh, wait. The money goes to the children. That’s the ticket: It’s for the children. AHAHAHAHAHA!
  26. Sherry says:
    My friend made Apple’s bed but she wasn’t quite “sure” it was for Gwyneth. Now we absolutely know for sure. Sadly Gwyn seems a little afraid of color. Her beach house is all white like this place (although this is actually cream).
  27. Evanna says:
    Way waaaay too icy. Perhaps if the living room floor was a dark wood, or there was one non-neutral colour in the whole place. Seriously, it looked like a winter wonderland, but so sterile to live in. Really bizarre.
  28. Noelle says:
    I just love this loft. I could live in vanilla easily, there is just too much milk chocolate in every store I walk into these days.
  29. Tracey says:
    Beautiful home, this is Gwyneth to a T, but Chris is a Man who is always spotted in the same black cargos, and has 4 T’shirts to his name (God Love the Man), so I assume he just sits back and lets her decorate, and enjoys what she does. Apple’s Bed is too cool, and the kitchen is fab, the master bedrooms bed looks huge, bigger and longer than a King sized bed, (I want one). I think the whole place is exquisite, thanks for sharing this!!!
  30. karaokegirl says:
    Of course the kitchen is perfection … no one actually cooks or eats there! I’m sure Mario Batali just whips stuff up and they eat it. Who lives in a white house with 2 small children anyway?! Sure its asthetically beautiful but its not a home … just a beautiful empty shell without a soul.
  31. kp says:
    very pretty but not like a home at all. What kind of home has you running after the kids every second so they don’t ruin that gorgeous wallpaper. five stars for beauty, zero stars for it’s livability.
  32. organbrett says:
    karaokegirl – I’m afraid you are wrong! Gwyneth loves to cook (sepecially with the Wolf steamer that you see in this kitchen – which she raved about and used on Oprah’s show) and has a kitchen installed whenever she lives on set. She was taught to cook and is apparently quite good at it.
    Just discovered this blog and really love it! ;) Thanks Belinda!
  33. lilkunta says:
    Gwyn has helpers so her kids dont get knocked by the swing, colour on the walls, or spill stuff on the white everything.
    & Im sure this pic was taken after the interior designers finished but before the family moved in.
  34. lilkunta says:
    I went here and then clicked here…I guess they gotta lot of hits. Now he pages doesnt load.
  35. Belinda says:
    lilkunta, i think roman and williams took it off today once curbed and gawker got hold of it!
  36. Cathzilla says:
    I think you are right about GP-she does strike a nerve-her comments about how
    the English felt about their bombing vs how the U.S. reacted after 9/11 were
    cruel and unkind. I mean really-she is an American and should keep her
    yap shut when it comes to bashing her home land.
  37. lyala says:
    it looks like a giant macaroon
  38. gena says:
    ….well it definatelly looks like something right up Goopy’s ally
    Poor Chris is living in an Ice cube. least hes got the recording studio :p
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  43. Grrlgeniuc says:
    Big GP fan and I love seeing inside her apartment…..Apple’s bed is gorgeous. I think every little girl should have a canopy bed. I was lucky enough my parents got me one and I loved dreaming underneath it.
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  45. Letessha says:
    It kind of reminds me of a hospital-so much white. I do like the swing and the huge bed, etc. etc.
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  47. andrea says:
    I love her new york apartment and I love the kitchen. does someone know where I can find the kitchen or a similar kitchen.
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