Monday, December 7, 2009


…was Saint Nicholas’ Birthday, so in our household it was the day we could put up our tree and write our wish lists. And so Zak and Layla helped me decorate (and undecorate) the Christmas tree… 

…Steve placed the angel on the top, which was cause for cheers and celebration…
…Layla ate a LOT of candy canes – plastic and all…

…we decided to allow Santa’s reindeer to come to our house – not Santa (Zak doesn’t like him) – but they have to land in our yard and phone Steve and I to go out and collect the presents and put them under the tree because “animals are not allowed inside”. So Zak and I wrote out his Christmas list and Layla scribbled something on hers and I had to write (with some prompting from Zak) what she wanted for Christmas…

…then they put them in Zak’s tiny ugh boot under the tree and crossed their fingers they were good enough to be left some goodies and not a piece of coal or tree branch…
…and they opened the number six box on our advent calendar and hung the little ornament on the tree…
…and turns out the reindeers thought they’d been alright cause sure enough, we got a phone call to come and pick up some goodies to stick in their boots. was quite the job stuffing such a tiny shoe…
…and then this morning they discovered their loot: Cotton On glow-in-the-dark pyjamas (awesome), a wii remote lolly dispenser (so they can stop playing with our real wii remote, but I don’t think it’ll work as the buttons don’t work) and some little figurines (because they have no little people to play with in their block buildings and use little cars as people!)
All round, a lovely St Nick’s Day! Looking forward to Christmas – you can read a little more about my christmas at lovely Shelley’s blog and check out what other bloggers did yesterday at Fat Mum Slim who set this Point & Shoot photo challenge.

16 Responses to “yesterday…”

  1. Jane says:
    Lovely photos! x
  2. Clarissa says:
    awww. I love the cotton on pjs!! I always keep my eye out for them :) They had some really cute pirate ones recently.
  3. nichole says:
    Love these photos! We also had a lovely St. Nick’s day. Don’t you love this time of year?!?
  4. bel says:
    Bel, is that Zack’s writting & drawing…. He is soooooo clever, he should be in school now.
  5. Belinda says:
    thanks! nichole – was thinking of you the other day! i do love this time of year – more and more every time!
    bel – i dotted out the “dear reindeers” and he traced the dotted letters, but he wrote the numbers and his name at the bottom – loopy “k” and all! (they’re teaching the loopy k at school now). he didn’t want to draw this time so i did. but clearly not very well if you think he did it! hahah
  6. Awww, your kiddies are so cute – looks like you all had such a fun time :)
  7. bel says:
    haha no didnt think it was u, just though he good. I like the tracing idea – will try that.
  8. Dawn M UK says:
    I love the Christmas feeling, Great tree!
  9. Amanda says:
    I love your idea of the Advent Calendar containing decorations – genius!!
  10. Anna says:
    Belinda..these are gorgeous images..thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful part of your life with us…got me excited about presents under the tree too! P.S love the ugg boots! lol x
  11. fat mum slim says:
    Oh they’re great photos. Your family is such a lovely one. xx
  12. Sara says:
    I love this idea, where did you get the Wii lolly dispensers and Family Guy toys please? I love your “Christmas” plate and bowl too. Great job.
  13. Sara says:
    I love this idea, where did you get the Wii lolly dispensers and Family Guy toys please? I love your “Christmas” plate and bowl too. Great job.
  14. Belinda says:
    thank you, thank you! sara – the wii remotes are from Woolworths lolly section (an aisle I am most familiar with!!) and the figurines from Kmart x
  15. Sara says:
    Thank you so much, I’m off to the shops in the morning. Good on Woolies and KMart :O)
  16. ashlina says:
    oh wow. those pictures are adorable….i love reading your blog as well

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