Tuesday, December 8, 2009

christmas project: personalised crockery & chrissy buys


I’m not big on Christmassy crockery. Oh, you’re not shocked are you? Well, I’m not. So normally I wouldn’t go near it, but then I discovered Porcelaine: a range of paints you can use on porcelain, ceramic and metal and thought I’d give subtle and stylish a go. You draw (or paint – there are various applications) on a dish, a plate, a cup, a platter, leave to dry for 24 hours, then pop it in the oven for 35 minutes and you have a brand new decorative piece with your own stamp on it.


All you need is an oven-proof piece plate/bowl etc (this was a dollar from Woollies), the paint (around $8 from Spotlight/Lincraft or online here at Art Materials) and a motif. I just made mine up and painted it freehand, but I’m sure you could use a stencil. And so, the big (!) reveal…

choc peanuts are going, going

It’s meant to be a folkish snowflake. Or something. I practiced on the larger platter first, but it looks best on a round dish. And so, here is my token Christmas crockery! Perfect for nuts and lollies.
And in the top picture are all the pretty Christmassy things I bought from kikki.K today. I went in to get a binder in an attempt to organise my tax stuff and left with wrapping paper, cards, a stamp set and pencil cases for my school-bound neices. And no binder. But look how purdy it all is. Add to it kraft paper, red ribbon and some gift tags and that’s my Christmas wrap wrapped up! kikki-k’s online store has free shipping until Sunday for Australian customers who spend $100 or more – enter the code AUSHIP at the checkout. But if you fall in love with all the Swedish stationery goodies and live in, say, Sweden, no worries! They ship internationally.
How are you wrapping your pressies this year?

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  1. This is some real pretty crockery. I have had your blog in my google reader for awhile now and I have to say I do enjoy reading your posts and looking at your pretty pictures and family fun. I’m sure if I have commented on your blog yet, if not, I’m sorry I haven’t.
  2. Elissa C says:
    Gotta get me some of those Porcelaine pens! I’ve made almost identical gift tags to yours, with the kikki.K stamp set! Here’s some piccies of them on my blog:
  3. MrsLimestone says:
    Looks great!
    I love those ceramic paint pens!
  4. melissa says:
    I love your snowflakes, they are very rustic.What a great project to make and give someone as a holiday gift. I am wrapping my gifts with red and white paper or kraft paper and aqua ribbons this year. The ones I have done so far have been quite pretty!
  5. Julie says:
    I usually avoid patterned dinnerware too (especially the themed kind!) but your homemade ones are really cute – they aren’t too literal. More spesh because you made them yourself too. J
  6. Lanne says:
    I too am no fan of the christmas crockery.. but those are cool..and you could do other pieces.. love that idea. Good gift for a creative friend too! A couple of pens and some white crockery!
    I went basics this year.. brown paper (thickish stuff).. and then beautiful gift wrap (some music notes and some folk/floral and wrapped a band around the gift in the giftwrap.. and then a ribbon, tied in a simple knot.
    I bought a product which you add water to and it turns into ’snow’ apart from not being cold and wet.. it is the most snow like stuff i have ever seen.. I bought a huge box of it and should be able to make several buckets of snow to decorate the tree area.. so traditional gifts and white christmas feel for this year. Santa’s elves come and decorate our house on Saturday night so we will wake up to winter wonderland sunday morning. Can’t wait!
  7. Katrina says:
    Wow, I am impressed that you did that free-hand. They look very cool. Would love to try it, but think I should stick to a stencil ha!
  8. Amanda says:
    Is there no end to your creative abilities!!!! :) Always love seeing your ideas and what you come up with. Really love your ceramic dishes as I too avoid the typical ‘Christmassy’ dinnerware. Kikki K is such a great store.
  9. Catherine says:
    I love your idea and the beautiful design that you created, it looks very effective and so clever too. Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas on your creative blog!:)
  10. This is so cool! I will have to look for pens like that when I am back in the States. But I seriously doubt that my freehand drawings would be nearly as beautiful as yours! I could let my kids play with them and have some really fun pieces too!
  11. Viv says:
    Clever girl! I think I might give this a go. They’d make great handmade gifts.
    I’ve wrapped up my gifts up this year similar to you with kraft paper and red/white bakers twine.
  12. OMG, that is adorable!!! I have yet to even wrap that first present – still have to buy supplies.
  13. Ez says:
    OOh looks great – where do you buy the shipping tags from ?
  14. Belinda says:
    Ez, the tags are just from the newsagent – 25c for a row of four and they just pull apart. x
  15. Ez says:
    Thanks Belinda!! picked up the stamp set as well today! love it!
  16. Mikaela says:
    I only just discovered kikki.k last week, and oh. my. god. I need to buy that whole store. I love everything in it!
    And wowser, your illustrative style is so pretty! well done on the ceramics =)
  17. Miss B. says:
    You did a GREAT job, free hand? Oh my you are a talent!
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    [...]xmas project: personalised crockery + chrissy buys « the happy home[...]…

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