Monday, November 30, 2009

matchbox advent calendar tree


The countdown to crazy begins! If, like me, you’re useless with dates, let me be the first to tell you that today is December 1. Which means advent calendar time! It might also mean Christmas-tree-putting-up-time, but that isn’t until December 6 in my house (St Nick’s Birthday – we go by the German tradition).
Last year we used a Santa head advent calendar with lots of mini santa pockets in his beard and stuck a freddo frog or snake or jelly bean in each pocket for Zak to find and scoff down, but this year I wanted to make something. And I wanted it to be less about lollies and more about fun, so I thought little numbered boxes containing tiny little tree ornaments for them to find and then hang on the tree would be cool. And even cooler if stuck on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree! I was going to tie ribbon around square white boxes and number them with stickers, but then I hit Spotlight on Saturday and found rub-ons and stripey paper tack thingies and star buttons and came back armed with supplies to get a little extra creative…


Paper mache matchboxes (come in pack of four), black rub-ons, red cord, red and white striped push pins, buttons, all Spotlight.
Red glitter rub ons and tiny Christmas ornaments, Kmart. I’m still surprised I found this – the perfect size!
White pen, kikk.K
I also used: scrapbooking ribbons and paper, a small circle punch and a few other buttons I had lying around.


I just started with a few pieces and then had made six or so and realised they were all different. Then I just challenged myself to try and make all 24 different! I ran out of Ss, hence the St Nick Day, but other than that, am pleased with how it turned out! The trickiest part was getting the layout right – I had to get the styles spaced so it wasn’t too samey in one area, but I also needed spaces inbetween so the ”drawer” could slide out for the kids to take out the ornaments. I worked out the layout on the floor, then transferred it to the wall, sticking them on with 3M tape. Then I topped it off with a red star ornament.


I’m looking forward to starting the countdown tonight! Zak has been bugging me about seeing the “surprise” in the boxes since it magically appeared on the wall Sunday morning! What about you – do you use advent calendars or have any Christmassy traditions?

26 Responses to “xmas project: matchbox advent calendar tree”

  1. Kate says:
    I love this so much – what a great idea!
  2. Human climbing frame says:
    This is beautiful. I am so inspired I’m hitting spotty today!
  3. This is SO cute! I love this project!
  4. Sandra says:
    i love it! thanks for sharing. Sandra x
  5. Nicky says:
    It looks fantastic!!!
  6. Jane says:
    So clever and looks relatively easy – my kind of craft! Thanks Belinda.
  7. Jane says:
    Wow, what a lovely project. Your kids are going to love hanging up those little ornaments on the tree. Sounds like you have some great Christmas traditions your kids are going to cherish for years. And I also lurve the red, white and kraft colour scheme :)
  8. Kenziepoo says:
    Love this Advent Calendar! Great idea!
  9. Alison Gibbs says:
    What a fun idea. Looks so cute too.
  10. Lynda says:
    LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!! Not only does it look amazing, but not being chocolate is a real winner too! I’m sure my kids would prefer this to their dodgy supermarket xmas calendars (not worthy of being called advent)
    Next year for me!
  11. Yes, the countdown begins and what a fun way to go about it!
    When I saw you say that you wanted to lick the Pavlova through your screen on Decor8, I knew I had to see your little place here!
  12. mirela says:
    i love this project very inspiring,looks awesome on the wall :)
  13. neat idea!!! Can’t wait for CHRISTMAS…. :)
    Jen Ramos
    ‘Cards & Prints You’ll Love…’
  14. Di says:
    Once again you have managed to inspire me, back I go to Spotlight. I think you should be their ambassador!!
    Love love love your work.
    Di xx
  15. what a fantastic idea. maybe I’ll try christmas
  16. Marie says:
    This is so cute. I have to say I haven’t been feeling festive at all. I can’t get my head round a sunny Christmas, but you’ve inspirted me to turn my hand to a bit of christmas crafting!
  17. fat mum slim says:
    What a cute idea, and it looked like fun to make too. xx
  18. I love this – have been trawling the net looking for gorgeous advent ideas, and this tops the list! Will definitely be attempting it next Chrissy.
  19. This is too sweet – thanks for sharing :)
  20. Mikaela says:
    This is so fantastically amazing, I love it! Best advent calendar I’ve ever seen.
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  23. Kirsty says:
    This looks so effective. I love it & I bet the kids love it too.
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  25. Doug Collins says:
    Very interesting…thanks for sharing.
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